Brandi Nicholauson


Henry G. Izatt Middle School

Pembina Trails School Division


It has been a stellar year for Brandi as she has been involved in many new and sustainable initiatives that have moved the school library learning commons forward into the spotlight, not only in her own school division but in her advocacy position within the MSLA.


Brandi Nicholauson has proven her passion and commitment to her position as Teacher Librarian in both her role at Henry G. Izatt Middle School and in her role as Advocacy Chair on the MSLA.  It is clear in everything Brandi does as a Teacher Librarian that she has the needs and interests of the 21st century learner at the heart of her actions.  She has developed a Makerspace in her learning commons over the past year that grew organically through Brandi’s guidance, support and by listening to her students.  As an outstanding teacher librarian, Brandi strives to ensure technology integration, multi-modal literacy opportunities and instructional co-teaching opportunities are being attained in her school. In keeping with the beliefs of the school library learning commons, Brandi provides leadership to her staff and students regarding digital citizenship, BYOD learning, coding, social media, the use of 3D printers and the delivery of innovative curriculum design.  


Brandi sees the role of the teacher librarian as not only leader, but as coach, someone who cheers her students on and guides them in their own self-directed learning.  It is evident in the many initiatives that the students of H.G.I have executed in the past few years that have come about due to her encouragement and guidance as their teacher librarian. As part of the staff team at Henry G. Izatt, it is evident that student learning is not the only focus. Teachers seek Brandi to join them with their grade level or team initiatives or to learn from her. Brandi is always willing to join in with inquiry project or with assisting in the development of a new strategy or new learning. Her knowledge base and ability to strategically implement positive learning environments is well known.


Brandi is a forerunner in developing meaningful community connections. Whether it is taking a group of students to interview a veteran, after they have completed their inquiry project on World War 1 trenches, or accompanying students to work at Winnipeg Harvest or to assist a student fundraising campaign after their participation in “We Day”, Brandi continually stands up for increasing community involvement and global awareness among our students.


Along with her dedication to her students and staff, Brandi has spent countless hours inside and outside of school hours to share her knowledge through professional learning experiences.  She has presented and organized numerous events for the MSLA, ManACE, EdCampWpg, SAGE, MERN and MTS.  Brandi’s presentations always hit on the latest trends in education that move learning, inquiry and technology innovation forward, such as BYOD, coding, Makerspaces and more. Along with sharing her expertise, Brandi continues to embrace her own learning as she works toward her Masters of Education and actively participates in the development of her professional learning network both online and with conferences and workshops.

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