Jeffrey Anderson


Tec Voc High School

Winnipeg School Division

“It is indeed an honour to recommend Jeffrey Anderson for the 2014 MSLA Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award. I have been a colleague of his for more than a decade and I can think of no one more deserving of this prestigious educator award.” Kevin Mowat

"Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love." (David McCullough)

In every sense of the word Jeffrey Anderson is considered a success not only by his colleagues at Tec Voc High School but the larger library community across the province and country. A master teacher, Jeffrey has shaped and influenced the hearts and minds of the myriad of students who cross the threshold of the Margaret Crawford Memorial Library every day. He is seen as a champion of student voice and their inalienable rights to fairness and equality of opportunity. Through innovative programming and pedagogy, Jeffrey demonstrates an unwavering commitment to education, Tec Voc High School, teacher-librarianship, school libraries in Manitoba, and most importantly to his students who continue to flourish in a place where all who enter are accepted as learners and individuals.                 Kevin Mowat

Jeff ensures that the school library is a vital part of the school’s academic culture and a hub for student learning. The Library is a whirl of activity and thought; project–based learning abounds as students pursue their real-world questions with the best of digital resources and tools at their disposal. Rooted in the Constructivist theories, Jeff is committed to a student centered, real world, inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. In his 8 year tenure at Tec-Voc Jeffrey has transformed the library into a virtual space that transcends the school and time, creating an ethos where student learning is central and rigour is pervasive. He uses web-based tools and state-of-the-art technologies to promote on demand/ just in time learning for the students and teachers alike. He fosters those critical thinking skills that are endemic to student achievement and success. Jeff models and embraces the paramount acquisition of knowledge and the fundamental tenants of teacher librarianship – the ubiquitous notion of “life-long learning”.  He is a voracious reader and passionate about literature and literacy, always concerned about their importance to the “larger picture of life”.

Within WSD Libraries Jeff is considered an expert in 21st century technologies and is called upon to facilitate professional learning opportunities for teachers and teacher librarians.  He has mentored a group of teacher librarians in EDMODO, a collaborative community building web-based resource for students and teachers. Jeffrey sits on several library committees and will be invited this fall to represent all WSD teacher librarians on the Winnipeg School Division Library Advisory Council. In the provincial arena, he contributes to school libraries through his work with the Manitoba School Library Association. His contributions to school libraries in Manitoba are numerous and have had implications for teaching and learning throughout the province.

In October 2012 he planned and organized a professional learning event that set the bar for excellence in professional learning for school library staff. The conference was entitled “Embracing the Edge” and involved the collaboration of MSLA and ManAce (Manitoba Association of Computer Educators). These SAGE Associations combined resources to create a conference that was cutting edge and featured David Warlick, as keynote. In an interview with Tec Voc Broadcasting students before the Conference Jeff noted:

I originally came up with the idea for this conference and was fortunate to elicit the partnership of my co-chair from ManAce. … We created a web presence; from the call to presentations to the live check-in everything was digital. … I was very excited to achieve the desired result, but the fun was in the travels not the destination.   Jeff Anderson (2012)

Jeff, representing Manitoba School Libraries, was invited to sit on Provincial Committee reviewing digital and e-learning resources for Manitoba schools, this fall. With suggestions from the school libraries and the School Library Administrators of Manitoba, Jeff submitted a list of digital resources list that is central to school library programming and by extension student achievement and success.

Jeff has an extensive list of committees, departments and workshops, stretching back over 8 years that he has affected with his participation and leadership. Jeff leads by example, collaborating with other school library professionals within the province and beyond. He is a life- long learner modeling for his students a commitment to learning and the never ending pursuit of knowledge as he engages in two post graduate degrees.

It is indeed an honour to recommend Jeffrey Anderson for the 2014 MSLA Outstanding Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award. He is a learner, a gifted teacher-librarian, a natural leader, a team player, a consummate professional and a tireless advocate for students and their unalienable rights to education for all. I am reminded of the Emerson poem, “Success” when I reflect on the school library career of Jeffrey Anderson.                        Kevin Mowat

Jeff is our Teacher Librarian and manages a staff and library that is central to student success in our building.  Tec Voc is a central, urban technical high school with a student population of 1300 students. He is an active promoter of learning and leadership at Tec-Voc High School.  Jeff is a very hard worker, willing to act in a variety of roles as is necessary.  Jeff has been a key player in the school with respect to our development and implementation of technology.

In addition to his duties as a teacher, Jeff developed and utilized his skills in many different ways to positively add to the culture of the school and the quality of life for students and staff.  Jeff has also been a coach for both our football and basketball programs, and he is also a department head and the Chairperson of the Department Head Council. Jeff Anderson faces all challenges and does so with enthusiasm and insight.  He functions with a personal and professional commitment to ensuring school is a place where all students can be successful.

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