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Provincial Elections Impact School Libraries

Provincial elections in Manitoba carry immense potential to uplift our school libraries – the cornerstones of knowledge and growth.


Clickable PDF Link: During provincial or school board elections, use this document to ask candidates about equitable education, fully funded school libraries, diverse materials for critical thinking, and protecting child rights.

Equitable Resource Allocation:
Elections empower us to choose leaders who champion fair funding for school libraries across divisions. This commitment ensures access to high quality books, digital resources, and inviting reading spaces, alongside the presence of full-time teacher-librarians and dedicated library technicians in every school.

Igniting Curiosity:
Elected officials wield influence over curriculum. Vote for candidates who understand how school libraries deepen subject understanding, spark curiosity, foster critical thinking, and ignite a lifelong love for learning.

Inclusivity and Diversity:
Election results can influence the diversity of school libraries. Supporting leaders who prioritize collection diversity and intellectual freedom fosters empathy, open-mindedness, and human rights.

Empowering Library Professionals:
Provincial elections present an opportunity to underscore the roles of teacher-librarians and library technicians. Education-focused representatives understand the value of these professionals as mentors, curators of resources, and champions of free expression.

Lifelong Learning and Literacy:
Each ballot has the potential to amplify the impact of school libraries in Manitoba. With our votes, we stand for empowered learning environments that uphold intellectual freedom, embrace diversity, and ensure that every school has access to dedicated teacher-librarians and skilled library technicians to promote the skills and habits of lifelong learning and literacy.

Collection Diversity and Intellectual Freedom



Need help with Collection Diversity and Intellectual Freedom? Our Toolkit for Diverse Collection Development and Intellectual Freedom in Manitoba Schools may be helpful. 

Looking for quick information about how to respond to a book or resource challenge? Our Responding to Challenges document offers quick tips and essential information, including a sample letter that you can edit. 

School Library Learning Commons Change Lives Poster

Feel free to download this poster and proudly display it in your school library learning commons.

With thanks to artist, Kai Bergen.

School Libraries Save Lives Poster Front
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